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Whenever you ride public transportation and step onto a city bus or watch your child get on the school bus in the morning, you’re entrusting the bus driver and their company along with others you and your child’s safety and security. The last thing you would expect is to be a victim of a public transit accident. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and when they do, you’re going to have a lot of questions that only an experienced public transit injury attorney from the Braff Injury Law Practice can answer such as:

We are here to answer these questions and help you develop a strategy for getting you the compensation you’re entitled to for damages. When you or a loved one is injured in a public transit accident, the consequences are not only physical; they can be emotional and financial as well. Plus your dependents and other family members suffer as well. Our personal injury lawyer team can maximize your recovery from the responsible party, even if this means suing the bus company and the driver.

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No two public transit accidents are alike. Each one is unique from the other due to numerous factors contributing to those types of collisions. Furthermore, victims often suffer a broad variety of injuries ranging from a few bumps and bruises to something more serious or even life-threatening. These include:

At the Braff Injury Law Practice, our public transit accident injury lawyer team has handled all types of public transit accidents since establishing our practice. Some of the cases we’ve handled include accidents involving airport shuttles, public transportation, school buses, and tour buses. We’ve also handled public transit accidents:

In any event, your personal injury attorney will make the insurance companies treat you fairly and with respect. Before you speak with any insurance company, talk to one of our attorneys first. We will ensure that you are not intimidated or lowballed by the insurance company into accepting a low settlement offer. We are in your corner, protecting your rights.

During your FREE initial consultation, we will explain what steps should be taken and the mistakes you need to avoid. To learn more, call the Braff Injury Law Practice at today.