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Are you afraid that your car is going to break down again? Has the auto-manufacturer or authorized dealer failed to repair a defect repeatedly? Does the defect reduce the value, safety, or function of a vehicle?

It’s time to book an initial consultation with the Braff Injury Law Practice, if your answer is ‘yes’ to some or most of these questions.

The Song-Beverly Act which is commonly known as California’s Lemon law is the most consumer-friendly Lemon law. It allows a consumer to pursue a remedy if the car has been subjected to a reasonable number of repairs for the defects under warranty.

In California, it is easier for the consumers to recover remedy for their losses. Under the California’s Lemon law, attorneys in Pleasant Hill can collect their fees and legal costs from the manufacturer. Therefore, you can retain the service of an experienced attorney at no additional expense.

Under California’s Lemon law, you must admit that the:

It’s true that a car with relatively minor defects may not qualify for a Lemon law claim in most scenarios. However, there may be some exceptions. Therefore, it is prudent to consult with us before making any decision. We have handled hundreds of Lemon law claims over the years.

We can determine if your vehicle qualifies to be a Lemon after analyzing several factors. We are ready to listen to the frustrated consumers and ready to answer their questions. We are prepared and qualified to represent any consumer of a Lemon vehicle at no additional cost.


Under California’s Lemon law, the buyers or lessee of both new and used motor-vehicles receive coverage.


Under California’s Lemon law, if an auto-manufacturer or an authorized dealer cannot repair or service a new motor-vehicle to conform to the terms of ‘Express’ warranty after a reasonable number of attempts, then a manufacturer must replace or repurchase the defective vehicle.

The purchased price that must be returned includes:

It does not include the price paid for the items which have not been installed by an auto-manufacturer. It might have been installed by a dealer. A lessee or buyer has the liberty to choose the type of remedy. Irrespective of the choice, a manufacturer is responsible for paying the:

The lessee or buyer is charged for using a vehicle irrespective of choice of the remedy. A formula is used to calculate the charge for using a vehicle. We will explain this in detail during an in-person meeting.

California’s Lemon law applies to a vehicle for the entire period of warranty. Therefore, you can file a Lemon law claim even if the defect is discovered years after buying a vehicle if the vehicle is covered by manufacturer’s warranty. It is important to remember that:


It depends upon the circumstances and severity of the defect. For serious safety defects, one or two attempts at repair are reasonable. A special provision helps in the determination of the reasonable number of repair attempts for the defects that impair the safety, value, or use of the vehicle. However, it is essential for the defects to occur within 18 months after the delivery of the vehicle or before exceeding 18,000 miles on the odometer.

The “Lemon Law” presumption is not an absolute rule. This is a guide. An arbitrator or a judge must assume that a manufacturer has had a reasonable number of opportunities to repair a vehicle if all conditions have been met. If a manufacturer tries to prove that it did not have the reasonable number of attempts for repair, then a consumer must prove that the fewer number of attempts at repair were reasonable under a particular circumstance.


The following motor-vehicles are covered under California’s Lemon law:

Under Lemon law, the term ‘new motor-vehicle’ is applicable to:

The warranty law is complex. Consult with our experienced Lemon law attorney in Pleasant Hill for detailed information.

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Reviews From Satisfied Clients

Martina McLaughlinMartina McLaughlin
19:17 20 Oct 23
Very grateful to Braff! My brand new Civic got totaled on Gregory Lane thanks to a wrong-way driver. One call to Eleonora was all it took for the process of justice to happen. She got me some fine new wheels and frankly an amazing lump sum settlement which I never thought was possible. Thank you to this terrific team!
Jack NashJack Nash
05:25 14 Oct 23
Very grateful to Braff! My brand new Civic got totaled on Gregory Lane thanks to a wrong-way driver. One call to Eleonora was all it took for the process of justice to happen. She got me some fine new wheels and frankly an amazing lump sum settlement which I never thought was possible. Thank you to this terrific team!
Kelly DerosaKelly Derosa
19:09 22 Sep 23
I can’t recommend Braff Law Firm enough. Talk about lightning in a bottle, getting me a big cash settlement from a careless driver who had no insurance! Thank you so much to Elan for the fantastic work. Best in class, for sure.
Michelle KeachMichelle Keach
19:08 20 Sep 23
Braff are miracle workers! They fought a huge corporation who owned the building where I wiped out on a wet staircase. As soon as I spoke to the Braff team and was told there was no upfront costs, I began to get more confident. Sure enough, they came through and secured for me a mountain of compensation. I have no doubt they’ll look after you too, best out of anybody.
Marie SantosMarie Santos
18:53 02 Feb 23
I was hit by a car as a pedestrian and was really shaken up. Braff Personal Injury Lawyers took care of everything for me and made sure I was taken care of. Elan was my lawyer and he was so compassionate and understanding. I would highly recommend them.
Frank HillFrank Hill
14:10 12 Jan 23
Braff Injury Law Practice was highly recommended to me by a family member for my spinal injury case. I'm grateful for their help and for Allan's representation.
Michael JacksonMichael Jackson
13:41 09 Jan 23
I was in a public transit accident and a family member told me about Braff Lawyers. I'm glad I took their advice because Braff law was able to get me a fair settlement. Thank you to Lior for handling my case.
Garey KwGarey Kw
17:36 04 Jan 23
I was in a slip and fall accident at work and my employer recommended Braff Law. I'm glad I took their advice because they were able to get me a fair settlement. Thank you to Elan for handling my case.
Selena SSelena S
15:20 04 Jan 23
I was in a slip and fall accident and my friend encouraged me to hire Braff Lawyers. I'm glad I listened to them because Braff law was able to get me a great settlement. Thank you to Lior for handling my case
Alex CarAlex Car
19:55 05 Dec 22
I recently worked with Braff Law for a personal injury case. They provided outstanding service and gave me sound legal advice. They worked hard to get me the best outcome and kept me informed and up to date throughout the whole process.
Elisa MontesElisa Montes
20:29 28 Nov 22
Our recommendation for Braff Law. From the beginning of our claim to the very end, the service was fantastic! We worked with Lior, the man who handled our claim, and we heartily suggest him since we did all in our power to assist our family! Professional to a T. Lior, many thanks once again.
Christian DuboisChristian Dubois
13:43 16 Nov 22
Very happy with how they handled my father's car's repurchase lemon case. They did a fantastic job, were prompt, and displayed professionalism. They'll get my recommendation to everyone I know!
Stamm WolffStamm Wolff
20:30 03 Nov 22
I recently suffered a car accident, which resulted in a lot of injuries. Just as I was about to give up hope, I found Braff Injury Law Practice. They were easy to work with, quick in their responses and had a great deal for my case! The lawyers worked hard for me and made sure that my case got settled!


The Braff Injury Law Practice is California’s premier personal injury attorney team with years of experience helping accident victims get the compensation they’re entitled to for their injuries and property damages.

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